Dedicated IOS App Developer

When you want to develop an iOS app, the first question to cross your mind might be whether to hire a dedicated iOS developer or a freelance iOS developer. There are many companies who hire the services of an iOS freelancer. There might be many reasons for this. One is they feel that they are saving on money by hiring an iOS freelancer because they charge a lower fee than dedicated developers. Another reason could be saving on resources such as infrastructure, energy, etc., as a freelancer brings all these things with him. A third reason is that they feel they will have more control over the project with a freelancer. Is this a wise decision?

Dedicated IOS Developer

While freelancers may come with all the advantages listed above, there is a downside to this as well. Here are some of the disadvantages of hiring a freelancer to develop your iOS app:

● You think you might be saving money by hiring a freelancer, but since the freelancer charges according to the hours he works, he might just extend his work hours indefinitely in order to bill you higher fees for his work. This will only result in a more expensive project in the long run.
● Freelancers who keep postponing the delivery times in order to charge more hours for their work will result in your delivery times getting extended. You will not be able to meet the deadlines for the completion of your app. If you hire a dedicated developer, you can be assured of getting your product delivered on time.
● A freelancer often works with others, who you may not know about, on the project, resulting in the quality of the project getting compromised significantly. If you hire a dedicated developer, you know exactly who is working on your app and thus you have a greater control over the quality of your app.
● A freelancer can sometimes be hard to reach, since he will be working in his own space and according to a time schedule that suits him. This makes it hard for you to get updates on your app development as and when you want it. When you hire a dedicated developer, you can be sure that he is answerable and reachable anytime you ask for updates and other information.
● When work is outsourced, there are even chances of the code getting stolen, which would never happen if you had a dedicated developer for the task.
● If a freelancer decides to abandon the project, there is very little you can do to trace him or get back the work done. With a dedicated developer, you are always in control and know where he is and how much he is working.

At the App Development Company, we can offer you the services of a dedicated iOS developer while charging the same as a freelance iOS developer. We guarantee that you will get exemplary standards of work and have them delivered at the promised time.