Dedicated PHP Developer

When hiring a PHP developer, it is natural to think about whether to go with a freelance PHP developer or a dedicated developer. Which will be better for your project? Which will ensure that your time, energy, and resources are utilized better? Which will ensure that you have a website that is functional and pleasing?

Dedicated Php Developer

PHP, being a server scripting language, is used extensively for web development and also as a programming language. It is very popular with more than 200 million websites and 2 million web servers based on PHP. It is very useful for building simple as well as complex and dynamic applications on the web. With new versions of PHP being released regularly, it is important that PHP developers keep abreast with the latest versions and technology. Since PHP is such a specialized area, it is important to hire a PHP developer who has the necessary expertise, experience, and knowledge in this language.

While it may be tempting to hire a freelance PHP developer simply because of the savings in money as freelancers charge less than dedicated developers, the App Development Company provides the services of dedicated PHD developers at the cost of freelance PHP developers. This way, you get all the advantages of a dedicated developer at the cost of a freelance PHP developer!

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a dedicated developer from our company (over that of hiring a freelance PHP developer):

● With our dedicated PHP developer, you can be sure that deadlines will be met and not extended for no reason. Some freelance developers may extend the deadline only because they get paid by the hour, so more hours spent means more money. With dedicated PHP developers, you can rest assured that the work gets completed within the stipulated timeframe, so your website launch date does not get postponed for flimsy reasons.
● With a dedicated PHP developer from our team, you have access to information and updates on a regular basis. Communication is always open and available. With freelance PHP developers, working at their own pace, place, and time table means they may not always be reachable or accessible to you when you need them.
● With dedicated PHP developers, you can be rest assured that they will see the project from start to finish. With freelance developers, you never know if they will abandon the project one fine day and disappear with all your data! Not only will your time and resources and money spent be lost for good, you also will lose your precious data, should that ever occur. With a dedicated PHP developer, you can be sure of our integrity, commitment, and honesty at all times. We stick to our deadlines and execute the work to the highest standards in the industry so that your website is top notch.
Hiring a dedicated PHP developer from our team can save you money, time, and headaches. Instead, you get a professional freelance PHP developer who is committed, experienced, and knowledgeable about PHP!